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The Amazing Technology Used in Golf Playing

The world of is evolving very fast. Through today's technology you can swing like pro with the hyper realistic golf simulators. The amazing new technology represents a changing golf world in the golf sport. The technology has started with the ball itself. On a standard way it has been made to have up to four layers. The new technology has seen to it up to a five layered balls. This has seen the right thickness, rebound and the stiffness to each layer. Go here to get started.

To have the best experience in playing golf you will need controlled power, strategy and accuracy. There has been developed the swing sensory gloves being introduced in the market. This zepp chip is made to clip to your best golf glove. Swinging with it the chip provides a 3-D view of your swings path. The plane and tempo are also considered. This helps you a lot in determining the speed and accuracy of your golf playing.

GPS watch have also flocked the market. They offer color and maps which can be zoomed revealing yards to the pin and also the direction of the green. The flag cannot be seen though. Another device which plays part in golf is the ranger finder. This is an application which is available both for android as well as IOS. It is made to use google maps in determination of your distance from the pin. It is the wish of every player to have an automatic way in which your shots can be recorded.
Game golf offers a system of automatic recording. Click here for more info.

The system records and analyses every shot which you take. All your clubs have been fit with a tiny chip. In most cases the chip is installed on the top of the club handle. The moment you golf the system does the automatic recording and analyzing. This data can be then viewed later in your mobile phone or through your computer device.

Shoes also play a great part in enjoying a golf session. Today's technology has seen the shoe being made in a way to facilitate the efficiency of the player. It has combined a light weight, soft and waterproof mesh base layer. It has also been fit with a very string and flexible exoskeleton. This base layer ensures that the cross trainer is very comfortable when playing. The shoe's grid system allows the foot to flexible and without rolling laterally as you swing.

With this golf technology at hand your win is guarantee. Revamp your golf bag and add a new piece of equipment. This will make you play golf just like the big boys in the game. This will help you improve your game.